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Terrific pictures of Antarctica. Use arrows to look around with.

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  1. Gateway Antarctica is the centre for Antarctic studies and research at the University of Canterbury, and as such plays a leading role in the quest for knowledge in a diverse range of national and international Antarctic research projects.
  2. As part of a bold and creative Outreach initiative by Gateway Antarctica a new range of resources for teachers and students is being finalised and is currently being uploaded to The Antarctic Hub website
  3. Each resource is planned as a two page photo-copyable document, which includes a practical task (often new) to reinforce the underlying scientific principles. The material is written for students and as such forms a ‘reader’ to improve literacy. The practicals are designed to be done in either primary or secondary classrooms (not just labs) or at home.


Antarctica is the coldest and windiest continent on Earth. It is key to understanding how our world works, and our impact upon it.

Antartica Animals

Ice Shelf- This map shows the Ross Sea Ice Shelf as it was on Jan 31 2012. Click on this link to go to the site that is updated daily showing how the Ice Shelf looks today.
Scott Base is New Zealand's Research Centre on Antarctica.

  • Discovering Antarctica This is the educational part of the British Antarctic Survey website. It has a lot of interactive and classroom activities about Antarctica