he Marine Food Web is rather complex. It all starts with the tiny onganisms called Phytoplankton. Phytoplankton1.jpg These tiny plants like sunlight to photosynthesise and are really important as they make it possible for every other member of the food web (Orca included) to survive in the freezing Antarctic climate.
This is because phytoplankton is the main food source for zooplankton.other_Zooplankton.jpg Krill is a type of zooplankton. krill.jpg
Zooplankton, such as Krill, are the main food for a many other species.

Activity Print off pdf below for your students and draw arrows connecting who eats who.

who eats what.jpg

Group Activity
  • Wool throwing activity (showing the complexity of the web)
You need a ball of string and print off the labels (pdf below) and laminate. Attach with string to go around a child's head.

Students to sit or stand in a circle with a laminated label around their necks. Then starting with one child, pass the ball of wool around- seeing who eats who. Once this is done, remove the “Krill”- what happens to the web? Encourage a discussion with your group about this.

The Microbial Loop from NIWA on Vimeo.