Antarctic traveller

In 2012, Jude McKendry travelled to Antarctica by ship, via the sub-Antarctic Islands with the Our Far South expedition. She had to pack carefully so that she could take everything she needed, but, as there wasn't a lot of space on board the ship, she had a problem. Find out how she solved her problem.

"Our Far South" was a study tour taking a crew down to Antarctica and linking back to us- aiming to build our awareness of what's down there. The expedition left Bluff, NZ on Friday 10 Feb 2012 and came back to Christchurch a month later. Click on the link to go to the "Our Far South" website

The Ship coming in to the Port of Bluff. This is the boat that "Our Far South" are using

Loading the Argo Floats on to the 'Spirit of Enderby'